861 Willamette St. Eugene, OR, 97401 M-Fri 10:30-4 (541) 515-6498



Right in the heart of downtown Eugene, mere feet from historic Kesey square, lies Veg Salad Craft. We aren’t simply a fast-casual, actually-good-for-you breakfast or lunch; although, we are indeed that. Veg is a pioneer for the food industry. Serving our great city of Eugene means so much more than putting great food in a bowl. Serving Eugene should mean supporting the farmers right here in our area, cultivating relationships with local vendors, bringing the business of sourcing ingredients home to the PNW. We don’t need to tell you how great our wonderful valley is, we all know that. We are here to celebrate it.


At Veg Salad Craft, we believe that the choices we make about what we eat, where it comes from, and how it is prepared have a direct and powerful impact on the individuals and communities we serve. We want to make an impact and leave the community better than we found it. That’s why we have made conscious decisions like using high efficiency LED bulbs, compostable salad bowls, or sourcing local ingredients. We are making decisions that affect everyone around us, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.