861 Willamette St. Eugene, OR, 97401 M-F 10:30am-3pm (541) 515-6498

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Right in the heart of downtown Eugene, lies a new kind of restaurant. We harvest locally grown ingredients straight from the Pacific Northwest. Why? Because the choices we make about what we eat, and where it comes from, matter. By connecting local growers and consumers, our mission is to provide greater access to healthy, real food.



HandCrafted Ingredients

At Veg Salad Craft, each and every ingredient is hand selected from farm to table. Using local ingredients for a health inspired lifestyle, we’re here to provide the best of Northwest produce in a quick, delicious, and convenient way.

LifestyleInspired Chef Bowls

You are active. You support local business. You love great food. We designed all of our bowls with you in mind. At Veg, we don’t allow cookie cutter meals. Your food should be as unique as you, with exactly what you love, and nothing that you don’t.


Signature& Classic Veg

AllSignature and Classic Salads can be made into a wrap!

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